Every creative person I’ve met has a process to their creation, a method to their madness, whether organized or chaotic, systematic, linear or non linear, there is a process of some sort….and it’s always evolving throughout their lives….and it’s always interesting.


get fueled. is a collection of answers for the question : What is your creative process ? My life is filled with all sorts of creative people; artists, writers, photographers, designers, chocolatiers, chefs, musicians. They are all fascinating to work with. How do they do what they do ? and make what they make ? Is their process linear? Non-linear? Orderly? Chaotic? My own creative process has evolved over time. It’s fluid. I finesse it as I gain more experiences in the world.

founder Brenda Bergen, the creative force behind Wink Design Atelier, pushes the edges of traditional design to create unique and powerful experiences.