If I was a writer, I'd want to write like Bree. She is hilarious (keep reading, you'll see). You'll stay up ALL night long reading her book. You'll also be dripping in tears (you too boys) and laughing so hard that you might even wake someone up. She shares such a deep personal story, it makes you want to share something with her. ( I actually did, and sent her some embarrassing drawings I made when I was 13. Up until now, I had only shared those with my parents and my husband ! )

Bree's Creative Process :

For the most part, my creative process is…not having a process. Perhaps that sounds smug, but I actually find it rather annoying that I don’t have one.

I do know these things:

I always begin by barfing out words onto a page. Pure chaos, no organization. When those words stop erupting, I get up and walk around. And just pray that more words come out.

I’m a night writer. Kinda like David Hasselhof, except not. My best time to write is anywhere between 9 PM and 2 AM.

Music is a must. I get myself into the right mood by listening to artists that make me feel. I have certain albums I rely on when I’m writing something upbeat, certain albums when I need to find depth, and yes, certain albums when I need to bring that sad sucker to the surface.

Whiskey, candles, and slippers are also popular tools in my arsenal.

There are three places I do my best writing: Shower, Elliptical, Bed. What do these things have in common? My brain doesn’t feel pressure to write. Oh yes, my brain is a fickle bitch.

Before I submit anything, I read it out loud. Opposite of what many writers say, I do not write for myself. I write for others. I write to bring smiles to those who need smiles. I write to inform people about things I think they’d like to know. I write to let people know they aren’t alone.

Breathing helps.

Whose creative process do I want to know more about?

People who can tell stories that evoke happiness and sadness at the same time inspire me. Louis C.K. does it better than anyone else.

On a more local level, musician Stuart Davis writes lyrics only a genius could put together. Plus, he’s funny.

You can read more about Bree's book here we hope you like this song and here amazon