"If you can be constantly inspired by yourself, then you will always have an idea". This comment from Brooke really struck me. Many conversations I have with creative people revolve around what inspires us to create better work ? In Brooke's case, she finds it within. I love the dream-like quality of her images, she is like a modern day surrealist, using her camera and photoshop as her tools. Her career began when she was an office receptionist. Brooke would get up early and take one self portrait each day. Then, in between answering the phone and door, she would manipulate the image - giving herself only that one day to finish it. She finished over 300 images in one year.

Brooke's Creative Process :

My creative process is very much about preconceptualizing. I love to think first, and then shoot. I very often start with a theme, and from there write down all associations I have with that theme, be it related to location, props, wardrobe, or setting. I begin to hash out the best way to put my imagination into reality by following concrete steps. In order to create an image from scratch, you must be able to put the pieces together. And so, by letting my mind run free with ideas for location, wardrobe, props and settings, I am able to cohesively (I hope!) put together images. I sketch my ideas and write paragraphs about them, describing what the picture will look like in detail from the color of the wardrobe to the colors I will use in editing. When shooting, I spent about 5-10 minutes on "set", or in my case, on location, actually shooting the image. Post production takes longer. I allow myself a minimum of 2 hours so that I am sure I spent sufficient time, but a usual edit takes more like 5-10 hours, and upwards of 40. 

I would love to see a profile done of Ashley Lebedev (Bottle Bell) - she is quite spectacular, and a very kind soul.

You can see more of Brooke's work here www.brookeshaden.com