I met Genevieve at a TED conference a few years back. When she told me that she was an opera singer, I told her how much my son (then 6) LOVED opera, but that I hadn't figured out a way for him to see it. She immediately said "then he will be my special guest at my next concert". He was smitten with her the moment he saw her, as will you when you hear her sing.

Genevieve's Creative Process :

I love to listen to pieces to learn them. I trained in opera from the age of 11 and was a mimic. Singers are supposed to read music, especially in opera, and so I do, but I really do love to hear things to absorb them when I sing. There's nothing like getting into the soul of a piece. Even the most tricky pieces have moments of beauty in them that are revealed as you really sit with them. I think that being an opera singer is the luckiest job in the world. You get onstage and get to lift people completely up out of themselves and transport them. It's a big rush. And as you give them energy, you feel it coming back to you...there's no real words for the give and take that performers feed off of. But I live for it.

Whose creative process are you curious to find out about ? I would love to know more about Fulcrum Point's Stephen Burns. He is amazing.

More about Genevieve :  In addition to being an accomplished Opera singer, Genevieve is the founder of and She is also a contributing writer for the Huffington Post. As a CEC board member, she was instrumental in getting 1871 (Chicago's first tech incubator) off the ground.