Ah, the power of the connecting virtually! I received an email from majestic disorder a few weeks ago. Have you read their online magazine? It's full of inspiration about art, culture, and fashion to name a few. Getting lost on their site for hours made me curious to find out more about them and what's behind their creativity.

Kelley+Sean's Creative Process:

Living and working together is such an incredible blessing. It allows us to constantly bounce ideas off of one another and build upon each other’s creativity and vision. We are really in tune with both of our strengths and weaknesses and how we can fuel that into our work.

We approach choosing the people and artists we feature on majestic disorder in a very organic and holistic manner. Considering that we live in an era where establishing relationships, whether that be with people, clothing, photographs or objects, is quite fleeting we aim to curate a sense of family and community around the world through our selection of Featured Minds that resonates with us long after we finish shooting them. 

Most of the people featured at the beginning of majestic disorder were people we knew through childhood, school or work. Through them we met and connected with a bunch of fascinating individuals in various cities. It’s really been a very organic process with a free-spirited type of domino effect that has guided us down a very intriguing path. 

We’re both big believers in the power of traveling and use the spare time we have to travel and shoot features in different cities. So far we’ve shot features in NYC, San Francisco, Nashville, Chicago, Berlin and London. We will be heading to Africa later on this year.

Creativity is the fabric of our lives and we use majestic disorder as a platform to bring inspirational people together and discover what fuels their hearts and souls.

Whose creative process are you curious to find out about?  We’d love to pick the brains of James Wright and Joshua Bullock of So It Goes magazine, a recently launched biannual arts and culture publication. Both guys are extremely talented journalists and filmmakers with fascinating backgrounds. We both admire their creativity and journalistic integrity.

You can read more majestic disorder on their website  and like them on their Facebook Page