Between their repertoire of rotating shows and the improv that occurs every night, The Second City is constantly creating something out of nothing. I asked their Executive VP, how do they continually do that? His answer…2 words…Yes + and. these 2 words allow them to start with one word and build it into a complex idea, night after night, season after season.

Kelly's Creative Process :

I am at my creative best when I’m leading and acting like an improvisor. I’m engaged thoroughly in the moment and I’m not lingering on past failures or daydreaming about some future success; I’m practicing active and deep listening to those around me, whether it’s coworkers, clients or an audience; I eliminate the word “no” from my vocabulary and replace it with “Yes, And” - allowing every idea the chance to cause a spark. Most of all, I recognize that I fail constantly at the above, but I don’t allow those failures to render me inert. Failure is simply part of the process. No real innovation happens without failure. Failure is never the problem - it’s our fear in the face of failure that stands in the way of our full creative potential.

I’ve always been curious about the creative process of playwright Bruce Norris.

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