Maxwell's homes are always clean and bright, inviting and warm. They have a lightness in the air, and you feel like you can plop down anywhere and be comfy. Everything is organized but not stiff. Since 2001, he has brought his organizing talent and eye for design into people's homes. He started out simply, with a toolkit and a scooter, and visited clients' homes that needed help, be it clearing out their clutter, or buying the right lamp, Maxwell was there to help. In 2004, he came to me to help design the identity for his new idea. He told me that he was going to put his thoughts online, in the form of a blog. He was the first blogger I had known, and I knew then that he was on to something amazing. Maxwell is always thinking ahead, with a clear vision, and a plan. I think his well organized home has helped him make apartment therapy the number one place to go for everything home related.

Maxwell's Creative Process :

My creative process is usually always the response to a question or a problem, and often from someone else. When a problem or an interruption in the visual landscape grabs my attention (it can be an interior design problem but it can also be a visual challenge as well, as in a painting or a drawing) I immediately start obsessing on how to heal or solve it. My process is one of iterating possible solutions or responses until there's a fit. 

I enjoy this. Usually I find a good path forward, but sometimes I do not right away. When I've turned it over in my head for awhile, momentum is then built up around the problem, and I try to find a good block of time (3-4 hours at least) to delve in deeper and work on it with paper and pencil or computer and record my thoughts, but most of the movement and ideation takes place in my head. I can work on and off for weeks or months iterating on a problem, and it's a total pleasure. That's the way it's always been.

Maxwell is the founder of uber-successful blog Apartment Therapy 

He is curious to know about Henri Matisse's creative process as well as Susan Hable's