I dream of having one of Monica Rezman's pieces on my wall one day. Her work is so striking. Monica is an adventuresome soul, has lived all over the world, and always finds a way to see things with optimism and curiosity. 

Monica's Creative Process :

I wish I could map out a straight path of my creative process but I have found that it is always curving in many directions. I do know that travel is at the root of my creative life since I was very young. Staying in one place for too long leaves me a bit empty.

The first spark of inspiration can be ignited by a simple crumbling sign that’s been half washed away but left with fragments of aged paper. Or a beautiful 15th century carved window in India where women hid themselves from the outside. Another source of fascination was watching my mother transform herself in the mornings through the use of hair and makeup.

I tend to paste photos that I have taken and images I find in magazines and put them into sketch books that are scattered around my home and studio. I randomly find them at the most appropriate time. It can take many years for these ideas to actually transform into a piece of art. At times I find myself going off into too many directions and will spend time clearing my studio and narrowing down my ideas. Then I narrow my idea down to one, making the most of a single idea that can splinter off in new directions.

In the past I have tied the subject together using a narrative. Now, I am not as concerned with a story but a feeling.

You can see more of Monica's work on her website. www.monicarezman.com

Monica is curious to know what the artist Rudolf Stingel's creative process is.