I've met Rick a few times throughout my design career. The first time, I was fresh out of college. The most recent, I was starting my own design company. Each time that I've met Rick, he has always been open, curious, and excited. He is a true lover of design and an avid supporter of trying new things. He is a wealth of knowledge and an infinite well of creativity.  Dawn Hancock, your request has been granted.

Rick's Creative Process :

eclectic. inspired by all kinds of things, including random markings or discarded objects on a sidewalk.

dialectical. whatever meets my eye and whoever is in the studio at the time.

My process with others in the 3st studio, when it's at its best, is akin to a spirited dinner party conversation — alive with listening and rewarded by sharing. My favorite exchanges are those that arrive somewhere unexpected. When that happens in a design process driven by a methodology of talk-talk-talk, the resulting artifacts reveal a collage of the 'why not', the 'ah ha', and the 'oh my'.

Over the years, I have learned to push forward until the internal time-to-stop buzzer ultimately goes off in the form of a silent, albeit familiar, 'good feeling tingle'. This joyous buzz signals everything, even if it is unusual, is as it should be. Silly, I know, but I have learned to trust the intuitive.

Rick would like to know the creative process of chicago architects, educators, planners, partners in URBAN LAB, parents, and husband and wife, Martin Felsen and Sarah Dunn. From where I stand, Martin and Sarah appear extremely prolific and inventive. Most of all, I want to know where their quirkiness comes from and how do they balance it all?!

You can see more of Rick's work here here and here