Stephanie Izard is somehow able to create an empire of award winning restaurants, while remaining so humble and down to earth. her food is authentic, relaxed, with incredible texture and flavor.   


STEPHANIE's Creative Process : 

Give us a description of your creative process. I love to look through cookbooks from different countries to learn more about their culture and cuisines. I'll take a few of my favorites and transform them into my own version of the dish. 

What is the most creative thing you have made or are most proud of ? It changes often, but my favorite currently is my calamari bruschetta dish at Girl & the Goat. It's on a clam baguette with goat milk ricotta, goat bacon, and green tomato. 

When you create something, is it organic or planned out ? It's definitely not organized. My thoughts and notes are usually jotted down on scrap pieces of paper around the kitchen. 

Has your method of creating changed or evolved over time ?As you get older, you definitely learn to channel your creativity more. You learn how to turn all of those ideas into real results. 

What environment did you grow up in that helped foster your creativity? My dad and my grandpa were both artists. My mom was an artist in the kitchen creating meals inspired by different countries. My sister definitely followed down the creative path as well. 

Whose creative process do you want to know about? Pharell Williams. How does he think of so many original songs and beats?! If I try to come up with my own beat, I can only think of music that already exists. It's amazing that singers and song writers can come up with something new every time. 

You can find Stephanie hanging around, making sure everything is delicious, and everyone is taken care of at