The designs from Hable Construction always make me feel so happy, like a breath of fresh air. It seems apt to feature them just as spring is beginning to show itself here in Chicago. I've been intrigued by the Hable sisters for years, and I'm so glad that Maxwell Ryan requested to know about their process. 

Susan's Creative Process :

The creative process for me is about surrounding myself with good materials and opportunities. I really love to have a lot of choices with my supplies, so I've collected them over the years - I even have materials I use from my college days! For the textiles, I'm really inspired by researching cultures I don't know anything about. Learning about other places and people is an education that I didn't get enough of in school. I continue this curiosity in developing motifs for fabrics based on my studies. I've also been working since moving to Athens, Georgia on creating a beautiful garden and teaching myself how to garden. There is limitless inspiration directly outside my studio, and I'm continuously learning and working based on what I'm seeing.

The studio is a tight ship. Working every weekday and keeping a structure is essential since we do so much. I have a team that works really well together - we help each other when we're blocked, we paint through our stops. We don't give up. That's a big part of my creative process - persistence. I like to keep my studio fairly picked up because it helps my head stay focused. I especially like to clean the studio after every big deadline. I'm always thinking about colors and textures, even when I walk to the pharmacy, so I definitely bring it all to the studio. But the creative process never really ends.

You can see more of the work from the Hable sisters here.

Susan would like to know about the creative process of Ellsworth Kelly