Victor Saad took a risk, a leap of faith. Instead of going to grad school to get an MBA, he created his own kind of education. He embarked on 12 experiences in 12 months, interning at businesses involved in design, business, and social change. Now he's helping others do the same with his school, the experience institute. His book, which documents his leap year, inspires us to be fearless, make new friends, enjoy rich experiences (and to learn from them)…and in general, to live a spectacular life !

Victor's Creative Process :

Over time, I've learned that creativity is directly related to awareness. I need time to observe and listen to my surroundings: the sights, smells, sounds, textures, etc. I want to learn about the people involved and the things that frustrate, excite, and move them. Then I hone in on the specific need – the thing that must be redesigned or created. 

Then, my favorite part begins -- brainstorming all of the ways we can design a new solution. It's fun to try to make connections between the most unlikely things throughout this process. There are no boundaries here, only possibilities. 

Finally, I pick a small number of the designs that are unique, beautiful, and feasible, and try them quickly to see if/how they fly.

Victor, whose creative process are YOU curious about ? Sam Stubblefield He's a dear friend and a rockstar.

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