Every time I see Zelda perform, I am in mesmerized. She has so much poise and subtle elegance on stage. Her creative juices are very tangible. They extend beyond songwriting to her art and fashion (which has inspired some of my outfits to tell the truth). I've loved watching her grow up and become the artistic young lady she is now.

Zelda's Creative Process :

My creative process starts with inspiration. If I read something that I like in one of my dad’s poetry anthologies, or see something cool in one of my mom’s art books, I’m probably going to write about it. As a songwriter, a lot of my work has to do with mood. One day, I’ll be playing around with a riff, and I’ll hear a good poem, or see a picture somewhere, and it’ll inspire lyrics that work with the chords.

Another thing that inspires a lot of my art is current events. I’m a very opinionated person, and sometimes songs are the best way to get my ideas out. I’ve written songs about very pressing issues, like feminism, and then, like, songs about Harry Potter. That’s definitely where a lot of my inspiration comes from.

And just a bit of advice for songwriters: Songwriting is shameless. Your lyrics might sound weird to other people, but it isn’t their song. You wrote it! Be proud.

You can see Zelda's style on her blog and her band on their Facebook page

Zelda would like to hear style blogger/editor of Rookie Mag Tavi Gevinson’s creative process. She says that Tavi is a huge inspiration and her creativity/life would be completely different without Rookie.