I love when I see design work that makes me say 'damn, I wish I thought of that!' I'm so inspired by Alisa's work and her ability to create a kick-ass design department inside of an ad agency. Brilliant. The work is so smart and fresh and forward-thinking, I can't wait to see more.

Alisa's Creative Process :

Lately I describe my life as "everything all at once, all the time".

I'm involved in a bunch of different projects that always seem to be due at the same time. Sometimes I build a huge campaign at work, then come home and build a fort with my daughter on the living room floor.

Either way, I'm equally engaged.

For inspiration, I rarely consult design books or blogs. Much of the work I am most proud of comes from inspiration out in the world or something I see at home. These days, I'm drawn to things my daughter is learning or doing.

I like to work fast and talk through ideas. But once I see a solution, I'm ready to go. Finding time to do things is always challenging. By the time I get to the actual making of things, I feel pretty comfortable with the idea and how it might come to be. I push myself to experiment. Even if the eventual solution is minimal.

Mostly, I try to have fun. Earlier in my career I took things very seriously. I worried about too many things that really didn't matter. I'd get kind of panicked and feel terrible at the start of a project. It took me a long time to realize how I do things. It’s my way of doing and seeing, and that is ok.

I think about projects constantly and I "prototype" solutions in my head. Eventually I start to sketch, do a quick layout and then try tons of versions. To me, it’s essential to work on things for "work" and "personal" in tandem. They are constantly informing each other. I love the overlap. It’s the ultimate way to make something. If I'm not doing stuff on my own, I'm usually working with a friend or my husband.

It is all at once: linear, organic, planned and unplanned. Additive and subtractive. Collaborative and solo. Eventually, the idea is there. So, the way I make work is sometimes undefinable, but somehow things always find a way of happening just the way I imagine.