This is my favorite request I've received on the blog thus far : 'can you ask Brad Lynch of Brininstool-Lynch about his creative process? I've been married to him for 25 years and he never wants to talk about work at home!' 

I'm familiar with the work of Brininstool-Lynch. For the past year, on our walk to school, my son and I have watched one of the homes they've designed being built. We discuss the architecture as we've watched the progress. It's timeless, natural, open, and clean. The big picture and the details work seamlessly together - they make so much sense, as does Brad's process.

Brad's Creative Process :

Perhaps the most important thing for me is to get up in the morning. Not because of any particular existential belief, but it is the first part of a routine. I like to wake early and work undisturbed from home before doing anything or going anyplace else. After twenty-five plus years as an owner of a design firm, I find myself doing a lot of work other than designing, and I am constantly fighting for more time to think and draw. When I find uninterrupted time, I want to make the most of it. So, my sketches are simple, to the point, and about the big idea. If I don’t think something is working within fifteen minutes, I move on, trying to remember what I tell my students: be self-critical – nothing is precious or special just because you work on it.

Without question, experience is what moves my process. Although I think practical experience and time are essential, learning from experiencing other places, realities, performances, processes, and social encounters is manifest to the creation of ideas. 

Whose creative process are you curious about ?

God’s. It would be nice to know what the hell he/she had in mind, and hear directly about it, absent of all the religious hub-bub. It would just be so much better than speculating. Assuming that won’t be happening soon, I believe most everyone has a creative process worth learning about. 

Check out more of Brad's amazing architecture on his company website.